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Best Freeze Dried Dog Food

Best Freeze dried dog foods are a helpful elective to raw frozen dog foods when it comes to making new dinners for your canine. Fixings are cold handled at greatly moo temperatures of -60 to -85 degrees. This evacuates dampness but doesn’t alter the unique dietary substance as warmth is not connected. For these reasons, freeze-dried dog foods offer well-being benefits, simple capacity, and changed flavors that indeed picky eaters can enjoy.

Freeze-dried dog foods closely mirror a crude count of calories, which can improve a dog’s resistant framework, make strides in skin well-being, and lighten nourishment sensitivities due to the negligible preparation and nonappearance of manufactured added substances. This strategy of nourishment planning guarantees that the characteristic proteins and supplements, which are vital for ideal well-being, are protected, much like they are in their unique crude state. This makes freeze-dried nourishments a wonderful choice for proprietors looking to keep up the integrity of raw eats less with the comfort of dry food.

Review Criteria


  • Does the food contain as well as much carbohydrate?
  • Are plant sources used to boost protein content?
  • Does it contain unnamed creature protein?
  • Are there over-the-top vitamins and minerals added?
  • Are free amino acids included to adjust poor-quality proteins?
  • Does it contain handled or seed oils?


  • How much processing is included in making the food?
  • Does the food contain rice?
  • Does the food contain known genetically modified foods?
  • Does the food contain nourishments known to be high in pesticides?
  • Does the food contain a common flavor?

Best Freeze Dried Dog Food (Overall)

 Open Farm Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food

Open Farm freeze-dried Raw Dog Food has 6 formulas that score 10/10 for ingredient quality and security. This line is considered a low-chance dog food. The food contains a normal of 9% carbohydrates as calculated, which come from the delivered ingredients, including a couple of bland vegetables like carrots and squash, and a few natural products in the shape of berries. The normal protein for these formulas is 42%. The foods all have a to some degree lower rate of fat than protein, which is desirable in freeze-dried food.

There are 4 formulas (Chicken, Turkey, Pork, Sheep) that have a few included vitamins and minerals not sufficient to lose any fixing quality focuses. It’s shocking to see these increases in freeze-dried raw food that doesn’t utilize warm in handling and ought to keep up supplements. Too, the creation is all-natural, recommending way better quality. Vitamins from entire nourishment sources are favored since they incorporate the full range of cofactors, which makes them secure and bioavailable.

The company describes meats as compassionately raised and animal welfare certified. The whole angle ingredients are wild-caught, which is more nutritious than farmed angle. The meat is field-raised, grass-fed, and grass-finished, too making it more nutritious. This consideration of quality measures is commendable. Be that as it may, these are marketing terms that have no legal meaning under pet nourishment administrative measures. The foods have included coconut oil, which is a concern since coconut oil has appeared to cause undesirable changes in the intestine lining, possibly hurting intestine health.

Also, there’s salmon oil in a few of the formulas and this isn’t indicated as wild-caught, so it’s likely from a cultivated angle, which is less nutritious than wild-caught. The nourishment does not give the omega-6:omega-3 ratio, which is a concern since AAFCO allows a very inflammatory ratio of 30:1.


Orijen Freeze-Dried has lower normal protein, tall pesticide ingredients, and included minerals that have brought about this situation on the list.

With a normal score of 9.2, Orijen’s Freeze-Dried pooch nourishment lineup is considered a low-hazard pooch nourishment. There are 3 formulas with a normal of 38% protein and 10% normal carbohydrate, as calculated, which is desirable for freeze-dried dog food. It ought to too be pointed out that for freeze-dried food, Orijen has lower normal protein than most of the other brands on this list, even though it doesn’t take a toll on any fixing quality focuses.

Freeze-dried foods are negligibly handled so most of the proteins, vitamins, amino acids, and phytonutrients ought to be cleared out intaglio. In any case, these formulas have a few included minerals which isn’t what you anticipate in a freeze-dried food, so the formulas misplaced fixing quality focuses. On the also side, all vitamins and amino acids are obtained from the fixings. Concerning fixing security, these formulas lose focus due to fixings known for tall pesticide buildups, including collard greens, apples, and peas.

Herring and struggle are utilized in these formulas but Orijen doesn’t state whether its angle fixings are wild-caught or cultivated. Wild-caught angle is best as it’s more nutritious and has way better greasy corrosive adjust. Orijen doesn’t give the omega-6:omega-3 proportion. They are certainly not the as-it-were brand overlooking this data, but it’s our trust that more brands will pay more consideration to these fats since omega-6 fats are inflammatory and AAFCO permits a very tall proportion of 30:1.

Small batch Freeze-Dried

These freeze-dried formulas are tall in protein, low in carbohydrates and fat, and all created are certified natural. This line has a normal carbohydrate of less than 2% as calculated, with protein averaging 51%. The formulas all have a lower rate of fat than protein, which is desirable in freeze-dried nourishment.

The Smallbatch freeze-dried line has 6 meat-based equations (including ground bone and organ meats) combined with 10% natural create. Natural delivery minimizes any chance of pesticides and Smallbatch doesn’t utilize GMO fixings. Freeze-dried foods like these are negligibly prepared without warmth, so they don’t lose supplements amid handling. The supplements come from entire foods and there are no included vitamins or minerals, suggesting better quality fixings.

Smallbatch does source quality fixings, but the name employments unconfirmed depictions like “humanely raised and harvested” to portray their creature protein sources. These are showcasing terms that have no lawful meaning beneath pet food administrative standards. Third-party certifications are available to confirm such claims. The items in this line contain included salmon oil but the company doesn’t state whether it’s from cultivated or wild-caught salmon. Wild-caught angle is more nutritious than cultivated and has a way better greasy corrosive adjust. The food does not give the omega-6:omega-3 proportion, which is a concern since AAFCO permits a very inflammatory proportion of 30:1.

Is Freeze-Dried Food Healthy for Dogs?

Best Freeze-Dried Dog Food

Yes, freeze-dried dog food is healthy.

However, the high-protein formulas regularly have high-fat substances, which may not be fitting for certain dogs. There is a part to consider when choosing a crude freeze-dried pet food.

Here are a few benefits of utilizing freeze-dried puppy food:

  • Nutrient Thickness: As minimally handled foods, freeze-dried formulas are higher in supplements and, in this manner, more health-boosting than traditional kibble.
  • High-Quality Fixings: Freeze-dried nourishments are more often than not made with high-quality fixings carefully chosen because of their wholesome esteem. Also, they are frequently grain and gluten-free and stuffed with superfoods.
  • Palatability: Missing fake added substances and pressed with tasty fixings, freeze-dried dog food is tasty and pleasantly finished. Freeze-dried formulas are perfect for picky eaters.

Can Dogs Get Sick From Freeze-Dried Food?

Yes, freeze-dried dog food can make dogs sick.

Here are a few of the cases in which freeze-dried equations can make dogs sick:

  • Inappropriate Capacity & Serving: If the food is not appropriately put away or arranged, it can make dogs sick. This is because freeze-dried formulas are negligibly prepared and can go terribly on the exterior for longer.
  • Sudden Food Presentation: Because of the tall supplement thickness, freeze-dried food can cause stomach disturbance in pooches used to eating standard kibble. To maintain a strategic distance from this, switch your canine to freeze-dried food slowly.

What Should I Look for in Freeze-Dried Dog Food?

Pet parents should look for freeze-dried dog food that uses high-quality, restricted fixings to discover a formula that your dog will cherish. Here are a few variables to consider:

  • Ingredient Quality: Freeze-dried puppy or cat food should incorporate fundamental amino acids, omega acids, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals from natural products and veggies. All of the recipe’s fixings ought to be high-quality and nutrient-dense.
  • No Fake Added Substances: High-quality freeze-dried foods must be free from manufactured added substances like colors, flavors, and additives. It ought to moreover be free from low-quality components like meat suppers, by-products, fillers, and allergens.
  • Price Tag: Moreover, you are required to consider the cost of the freeze-dried equation. In common, such formulas are more costly, and if you have a big dog, the costs will rapidly include up.

Finally, consider your dog’s dietary needs when considering the stars and cons of freeze-dried dog food, and counsel your vet if you have any questions.

Benefits of Freeze-Dried Puppy Food

Nutrient Retention

One of the greatest points of interest in freeze-dried puppy nourishment is its capacity to hold the dietary keenness of crude fixings. Not at all like other handling strategies that can debase supplements, freeze-drying keeps vitamins, minerals, and chemicals intact.


Freeze-dried pooch nourishment is lightweight and simple to store. It doesn’t require refrigeration, making it idealize for travel or homes with restricted capacity space. The fair includes water, and it’s prepared to serve.

Longevity and Storage

Thanks to the evacuation of dampness, freeze-dried puppy nourishment has a long rack life. This makes it a fabulous choice for stocking up without stressing approximately spoilage.

How Freeze-Dried Dog Food is Made

The Freeze-Drying Process

The handle starts with new, crude fixings. These are, to begin with, solidified to bolt in their wholesome esteem. At that point, they experience sublimation, where the ice turns specifically into vapor, clearing out the fixings dry and shelf-stable.

Ingredients Regularly Used

High-quality freeze-dried puppy nourishment frequently incorporates meats like chicken, meat, or sheep, along with vegetables, natural products, and some of the time grains. See for brands that utilize natural or reasonably sourced fixings for the best quality.

Transitioning Your Dog to Freeze-Dried Food

Gradual Introduction

Switching your dog’s eat less ought to be done slowly. Begin by blending a little sum of freeze-dried nourishment with their current nourishment and steadily increment the proportion.

Monitoring Your Dog’s Response

Watch for any stomach-related issues or unfavorably susceptible responses. Alter the moving pace if fundamental to guarantee your canine alters comfortably.

Adjusting Portions

Freeze-dried nourishment is nutrient-dense, so you might be required to alter parcel sizes. Take after the food rules given by the brand and counsel your vet.

DIY Freeze-Dried Puppy Food

Is It Feasible?

Making your claim freeze-dried canine nourishment is conceivable but requires specialized hardware and information to guarantee it’s nutritiously balanced.

Basic Formula Ideas

An essential formula might incorporate inclined meats, like chicken or meat, blended with vegetables like carrots and peas. Solidify the blend and at that point utilize a domestic freeze-dryer.

Common Misconceptions About Best Freeze-Dried Dog Food


Many accept freeze-dried nourishment as restrictively costly or needs freshness. In any case, its long rack life and protected supplements make it an important choice. Another myth is that it’s not as nutritious as crude nourishment, but freeze-drying holds most of the supplements, advertising a raw-like slim down without the risks.

FAQs About Best Freeze Dried Dog Food

What are the cons of freeze-dried dog food?

While freeze-dried canine food is considered to be one best alternatives for dog food, there are still a few potential disadvantages to consider.
Some cons include the following:
It is typically more costly than other sorts of dog food due to the expensive equipment and vitality required for the freeze-drying process.
Might be harder to discover and have fewer choices for particular well-being conditions or life stages.
Potential for bacterial defilement, as the food is technically still raw. In my encounter, you can minimize this risk by taking proper dealing with and preparation guidelines.

How much freeze-dried food should I feed my dog?

f you’re getting started with a new brand of freeze-dried dog food, make beyond any doubt you do so continuously to avoid annoying your dog’s digestive system.
They have sensitive digestive systems, so take care to not blow things up by doing as well as well before long. According to an all-encompassing vet puppy proprietors ought to start by blending 20% freeze-dried nourishment with 80% of their dog’s ancient food.
Over the following two weeks, you can steadily increment the sum of freeze-dried nourishment until it makes up anything rate of your dog’s slim-down you wish.

What types of meats are used in freeze-dried dog food?

Common meats utilized in freeze-dried dog food include meat, turkey, chicken, angel (salmon, whitefish, cod), and sheep. A few pet proprietors prefer white meat like chicken or turkey for their possess reasons, whereas others favor beef.
Ultimately, it may take a few trials and mistakes to figure out which one your dog endures best. After attempting everything beneath the sun, including kangaroo, my spouse and I settled on a salmon-based food for our two dogs.
Salmon has the benefits of normal Omega 3s, whereas beef tends to have more zinc, press, and B vitamins.

Conclusion About Best Freeze Dried Dog Food

Freeze-dried puppy nourishment offers a helpful, nutritious, and long-lasting choice for nourishing your pet. By understanding your dog’s needs, perusing names, and counseling with your vet, you can make an educated choice. Transitioning continuously and checking your dog’s reaction guarantees a smooth switch to a more beneficial count of calories.

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