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Best Parrot Toys

When it comes to keeping your parrot happy and solid, toys are a basic portion of their life. But what precisely makes a great parrot toy? And why are they so critical for your feathered companion? Let’s jump in and discover out.

Types of Parrot Toys

Chew Toys

Chew toys are a staple for any parrot proprietor. They offer assistance to keep your bird’s nose trimmed and give a sound outlet for their characteristic chewing instincts.

Benefits of Chew Toys: Chew toys are not fair for excitement; they play a basic part in a parrot’s well-being. By chewing on these toys, parrots can keep up their snout quality and avoid excess, which is vital for their by and large well-being.

Popular Chew Toys: Some well-known chew toys incorporate wooden squares, coconut shells, and indeed cuttlefish bones. Brands like Planet Joys and Polly’s Pet Items offer amazing chew toys that are both tough and safe.

Foraging Toys

Foraging toys mimic the normal behavior of looking for nourishment, which keeps parrots rationally stimulated.

Benefits of Scavenging Toys: Foraging toys challenge your parrot’s intellect and keep them locked in. These toys can offer assistance to diminish boredom and anticipate negative behaviors such as quill plucking.

Popular Scavenging Toys: Popular scavenging toys incorporate the Foraging Ball by Super Bird Manifestations and the Inventive Scavenging Systems’ Foraging Wheel. These toys stow away treats and require your parrot to illuminate astounds to get to the food.

Climbing Toys

Parrots adore climbing, and climbing toys give the idealized opportunity for them to work out and explore.

Benefits of Climbing Toys: Climbing toys advance physical action, which is pivotal for your parrot’s well-being. They offer assistance to create muscles and make strides in coordination.

Popular Climbing Toys: Popular alternatives incorporate rope stepping stools, swings, and exercise center sets like the Java Wood Tabletop Play Stand. These toys are planned to be tough and secure for climbing.

Puzzle Toys

Puzzle toys are outlined to challenge your parrot’s problem-solving skills.

Benefits of Puzzle Toys: These toys fortify your parrot’s intellect and offer assistance to create their cognitive capacities. They are an awesome way to keep your winged creature engaged and rationally sharp.

Popular Puzzle Toys: Some well-known astound toys incorporate the Caitec Inventive Scavenging Systems’ Carousel and the Heaven Toys’ Parrot Astound. These toys require parrots to control objects to get a reward.

Interactive Toys

Parrot toys

Interactive toys permit you to lock in with your parrot, strengthening your bond.

Benefits of Interactive Toys: Interactive toys advance social interaction and give mental incitement. They are awesome for building a more grounded bond between you and your parrot.

Popular Intelligent Toys: Popular intuitive toys incorporate talking toys, mirrors, and chimes. Brands like Living World and Prevue Hendryx offer an assortment of intuitive toys that your parrot will cherish.

Best Parrot Toys

1 SunGrow Bird Chew Toy
SunGrow Bird Chew Toy Pic

SunGrow offers a variety of feathered creature chew toys planned to engage and invigorate pet fowls. Here are a few highlights commonly found in SunGrow bird chew toys:

  • Natural Materials
  • Variety of Shapes and Sizes
  • Chewing and Foraging Stimulation
  • Colorful and Attractive Designs
  • Durability
  • Non-toxic and Safe
  • Easy to Install and Clean
  • Environmental Enrichment
2 Booda Large Comfy Bird Perch
Booda Large Comfy Bird Perch Pic

Booda Large Comfy Bird Perch offers several features designed to enhance the comfort and well-being of pet birds:

  • Comfortable Texture
  • Natural Grip
  • Easy Installation
  • Variety of Sizes
  • Safe and Non-toxic
  • Promotes Foot Health
  • Durable Construction
  • Easy to Clean
4 Super Bird Creations Rainbow Bridge Bird Toy
Super Bird Creations Rainbow Bridge Bird Toy Pic

The Super Bird Creations Rainbow Bridge Bird Toy offers a variety of features designed to engage and entertain pet birds:

  • Colorful Design
  • Variety of Materials
  • Chewing and Shredding Opportunities
  • Swinging and Climbing
  • Interactive Components
  • Easy Installation
  • Durable Construction
  • Safe and Non-toxic

Why Parrots Need Toys

Toys give parrots with both physical and mental stimulation. Physically, parrots will control toys, which will offer assistance to keep their bills and claws in the best shape. Playing with toys too moves forward foot and toe adaptability and blood circulation, and climbing toys can construct quality and wellness for a physically solid bird.

Mentally, toys empower fowls to investigate surfaces, tastes, and colors, which makes a difference and decreases their fear of the obscure. Astound toys progress problem-solving abilities, and toys that permit a fowl to choose, shred, tear, and chew will fulfill common scavenging instinctual. The mental incitement toys give can diminish uneasiness and boredom, minimizing undesirable behaviors such as shrieking or destruction.

Ultimately, a wide assortment of toys is best to possess a pet parrot and give great incitement. It can be costly to persistently buy modern toys for a pet parrot, as they normally annihilate toys. Luckily, it’s simple to make reasonable toys from regular materials to keep a parrot engaged and cheerful.

How to Choose the Right Toy for Your Parrot

Consider Your Parrot’s Size

The measure of your parrot plays a noteworthy part in selecting the right toy. A toy that is as little can be a choking risk, whereas a toy that is as well huge may be troublesome for your parrot to play with.

Know Your Parrot’s Preferences

Every parrot is interesting, and their toy inclinations can shift broadly. Pay consideration to the sorts of toys your parrot appreciates the most and attempt to discover comparable options.

Safety Considerations

Safety is vital when choosing parrot toys. Maintain a strategic distance from toys with little parts that seem to be gulped, and guarantee that all materials are non-toxic and secure for birds.

Durability and Material

Parrots can be intense on their toys, so it’s basic to select tough alternatives. See for toys made from solid materials like stainless steel, difficult plastics, and untreated wood.

Best DIY Toys You Can Make for Your Parrot

Making parrot toys can spare cash and offer assistance you give more preoccupations for your fowl to investigate. The toys can be basic or complex, and the alternatives are constrained by what is secure for your feathered creature and how inventive you need to be.

Try these engaging toys for the most fun for you and your bird.

  • Cardboard Set Patterns: Cardboard is an awesome fabric for parrots to shred. Thicker, multi-layered pieces give additional resistance for more grounded bills, but any cardboard can work. Layer cardboard as a kabab-style toy on a wooden stick, or utilize canned paper or paper towel rolls to make rings and tubes to stuff with treats or other engaging materials. Cardboard egg cartons are another incredible choice to stuff with scrounging options.
  • Puff Balls: Pet parrots cherish anything crimped and boisterous, and distinctive sorts of tissue paper are idealize for making basic ball-shaped toys. Blessing wrap tissue in shining colors is a fun choice, whereas coffee channels or cupcake liners are moreover incredible choices. Stack the papers, crease them into a ball, or stuff them into paper tubes or cones for distinctive toy styles.
  • Paper Shreds: Any destroyed paper, from colorful blessing crinkles to scraps from a paper shredder (without staples!), can energize a winged creature to tear and tear. Entirety sheets — in a perfect world daily papers, ancient magazines, or an obsolete phone book — can be hung from the beat of a cage, and the parrot will joyfully make its claim shreds as it plays.
  • Bottle Best Foragers: Shinning plastic bottle tops can stand up to solid bills. Utilize an awl or nail to punch gaps in each cover and string them together on a piece of cotton twine or sisal rope. Put bits of natural product, millet, or other treats in each top to empower the feathered creature to investigate all the spaces, and select covers of distinctive sizes and colors for more scavenging fun.
  • Bird Braids: Utilize bird-friendly sisal rope, jute twine, or normal cotton line to make a toy braid the fowl can unwind and shred. This mirrors trimming behavior, and tying treats or other bits of toys such as a wooden spool or cardboard shapes into the braid will make the toy indeed more complex and interesting.
  • Wrapped Treats: A speedy toy to make is to wrap a treat in paper, tying the top-notch bundle up like a blessing or bending the closes of the paper like a wrapped piece of sweet. The parrot will tear absent the paper to get to the treat, making the most of each toy layer.
  • Straw Hitches: Utilize brief pieces of plastic straws turned and tied together to make a chunky ball-like toy. Tucking treats or other materials, such as destroyed paper, into the structure, will include more surfaces and diverse sensations for the parrot to find.

Cleaning and Maintaining Parrot Toys

Importance of Clean Toys

Keeping your parrot’s toys clean is vital for their well-being. Grimy toys can harbor microbes and lead to infections.

Cleaning Methods

Use mild cleanser and water to clean your parrot’s toys. Maintain a strategic distance from unforgiving chemicals, as they can be hurtful to your winged creature. Wash altogether and dry sometime recently returning the toys to your parrot.

How Often to Clean

Toys ought to be cleaned frequently, at slightest once a week. If your parrot has been wiped out, clean the toys more regularly to anticipate reinfection.


What are the best toys for large parrots?

Large parrots frequently appreciate durable chew toys, huge scrounging toys, and strong climbing structures. Brands like King’s Cages and A&E Cage Company offer amazing options.

How often should I rotate my parrot’s toys?

It’s a great thought to turn your parrot’s toys each week to keep them locked in and anticipate boredom.

Are wooden toys safe for parrots?

Yes, as long as the wood is untreated and free from destructive chemicals, wooden toys are secure and useful for parrots.

How can I tell if my parrot likes a toy?

If your parrot interatomic with the toy as often as possible, appears energetic or spends a parcel of time playing with it, it’s a great sign that they like it.

Can I use household items as parrot toys?

Yes, but make beyond any doubt the things are secure and non-toxic. Common family things like cardboard boxes and paper towel rolls can be extraordinary DIY toy materials.


Toys are more than just entertainment for parrots; they are fundamental for their mental and physical well-being. By giving a variety of toys and routinely pivoting them, you can keep your parrot cheerful, sound, and locked in.

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